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What is EARSHOT?

EARSHOT is a Music NFT platform that is giving control back to artists, ensuring that they are paid 100% of their revenue; unlike other revenue sources where they may only see 10%!
For the fans, they get an up close and exclusive experience with their favourite artists..

What is DBUY?

$DBUY serves as the currency of the platform, which is used to purchase Music NFTs.
$DBUY is also the DBUY ecosystem’s governance token, which investors can use to participate in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, ensuring that the project is self-sustaining and does not require a sole proprietor. Doont Vote will be the voting platform for Dbuy’s DAO.
It offers a double purpose to secure the future of the project by granting its investors and users the wheel to steer the project in its proper direction.


Who is our founder Woof Decentra?


What is a DAO?


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What are the fees for creating my Music NFT on EARSHOT?


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